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Career Assistance

We believe that every learning has a goal associated to it. We have observed that most of the students of Deutsch Center explore a job opportunity in Germany. To help our students, we have taken a novel step to assist and guide them in exploring various job opportunities in Germany.

Deutsch Center is happy to provide the assistance in fulfilling your dream of working in Germany.

  • The career consultant would evaluate you as a professional in a global context.

  • Discover various options to work in different modes (Full Time / Part Time / Freelancing).

  • Explore possible ways to target for the right Job (Through a consultancy / Direct application to Company etc.).

  • Optimized approach to make your cost and time investment economic.

  • Suggest skills improvement , certifications and preparation you need to do.

  • We also arrange Q&A session with our ex-students who are already living and working in Germany.

Below is the flow of how you avail the Career assistance service –

Career Assistence

Please fill the below form with your details and preferred time in the . We would send the online session details over your email.
The Pre-Cosnltation is starting from 17-Oct-2022 and you can attend for FREE only for the first two months.