A1, A2, OFFLINE, WEEKEND COURSES starting in July 2024. Admission is open now. Limited seats, Contact @ 9945211933, See Course details on page “COURSES”. Please attend our online free consultation on Monday and Wednesday at 9:00PM


FAQ for Deutsch Center

1. When can I start the Course?
You can start anytime Level A1, which is beginner’s level, without any prior knowledge of German Language.

2. At what age can I join the Courses?
You can join the course if you are 15 years and above.

3. What is the duration of the Courses?
The duration of the Courses A1 and A2 are 11 weeks and Course B1 is 13 weeks.

4. What is the Course Fee and is it refundable?
For Course Fee, please refer the page COURSES on our website www.deutschcenter.com/Courses.
The Course fee is refundable only until a week before the start of the course.

5. What to do if I can’t finish the Course on time?
You can get a Participation Certificate, provided you have 75% attendance in the class.

6. Is it a recognized Course?
Yes, Deutsch Center is a recognized institute since 11 years and also an authorized examination center for ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) to conduct ÖSD exams. Therefore, the Courses are conducted by trained and experienced teachers as per international guidelines CERF (Common European Reference of Framework).

7. Do you also have branches?
No, we don’t have any branches.

8. Will I be able to speak after doing A1 Course?
Yes, you will be able to speak and ready for small conversations in German Language in the day to day life.

9. What about the Course Materials?
Course Materials include prescribed text books and reference materials, and model test materials for those writing the ÖSD exam.
Only Text books and Practice books need to be purchased by the participants.

10. Is there any test during or after the Course?
There is no test during the course. However, you can write ÖSD ZA1, ZA2 or ZB1 exams conducted by us at Deutsch Center, which is an ÖSD examination Center.

11. Are these Courses Certified? If yes, then is this Certificate valid to get Visa or Work Permit?
Yes, these Courses are certified Courses. ÖSD Certificates are valid for all kind of Visa and Work Permit in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
We also provide “Bona fide Certificate” on request.

12. Will I get admission in German Universities or in Technical Institutes with ÖSD certificates?
Yes, since ÖSD is a member of ALTE, ÖSD Certificates are valid and acknowledged in German speaking countries to get admission in the Universities or in the technical institutes. Please see www.osd.at for more details.